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He said the party is also experimenting heavily with social media outlooks such as Facebook and Twitter to amplify its message and connect with supporters,, but he stressed again that the bigger issue was having a platform and set of ideas worth disseminating.

The former Wisconsin Republican chairman said it is the GOP’s collective leadership task “to have a message and create in environment so that once you have a social network that’s worth a darn, that it can actually take off and grow.”

Although American Crossroads, Republican Superfund other independent conservative committees not formally associated with the GOP are expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for 2012, only the RNC is legally entitled to finance the ground war that ultimately decides elections.

“We’re the only committee that can directly advocate for the president, the Senate and House,” said Mr. Priebus. “So when it comes to knocking on doors, voter contact, absentee ballots, direct advocacy, that’s what we do. We’re the army on the ground.”

Mr. Priebus said he was on the phone all day, every day, spending 20-minute segments with old and prospective big donors, explaining why the RNC plays in irreplaceable role in the road to victory in 2012 and cultivating confidence that money donated will be effectively used.

Even while paying of millions of dollars owed to vendors and banks and socking away cash for next year’s electoral war, the RNC has market testing a string of media messages ahead of the presidential race, releasing a different TV ad shot by a different ad agency in major battleground markets in each of the last four weeks.

“We did a real-time audit on how we are doing on social media. How we can drive traffic back to,” said Mr. Priebus, who calls himself a “social media guru.”

The RNC is set to “partner with a new social media application I think going to take the country by storm,” he added with mounting enthusiasm in his voice. “It’s called ‘Way In’ and is real-time polling, real-time friends connections, an incredible tool, launching out of Silicon Valley. We’re going to be coming out as partners.”