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“I can’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about Lump. He made his decision to leave, and we wish him well, but he’s no longer part of the program,” Jones said. “I’m focused on the guys who are here, the guys that are going to be sweating and busting their butts representing American University.”

Lumpkins said he was happy with his decision and is enjoying his new life in Arizona. The Royals will pay for him to finish his business degree over the next couple of years, something that was important to Lumpkins and his parents. His contract also included a six-figure signing bonus.

As with most prospects, Lumpkins‘ potential remains to be seen. He has gone from established post player to little-known minor league pitcher, and time will tell if he made the right decision.

“You get a kid with some athleticism, a good makeup and you see what you’ve got out there,” Goldberg said. “To be 100 percent honest, I don’t know what his ceiling is.”