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“Look around you: This is what he called the symbol of hope,” a shirt-sleeved Mr. Romney said at a news conference in front of the factory’s padlocked gates. “There are weeds, boarded-up windows. This was the stop he picked to symbolize the success of the stimulus. And my eyes tell me it ain’t working.”

Repeatedly calling Mr. Obama “a failure,” Mr. Romney talked about his 25-year career in business investment, building startup companies into job creators, a process he said Mr. Obama knows nothing about.

“He’s out of his depth when it comes to getting the economy going. It’s just not something he understands,” Mr. Romney said.

Out of his depth and running out of qualified economic advisers who know what creates more employers and produces jobs.

In politics, there is something called “critical mass,” when an issue becomes so big within the nation’s electorate that it overwhelms the incumbent’s prospects. That’s what is happening to Mr. Obama now.

There are lots of closed factories like the one in Allentown that tell of a failed economic recovery. You’ll be seeing Mr. Romney speaking in front of them on the evening news.

Donald Lambro is a syndicated columnist and former chief political correspondent for The Washington Times.