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Marion Barry, Ward 8 Democrat, openly opposed Mr. Stanley at a June 1 confirmation hearing — citing his lack of relevant experience — before stating the next day that the nomination was “still in play.”

The overall outcome of the testimony and investigation will come through votes by each member on the Human Services Committee — which includes Tommy Wells, Michael A. Brown and Yvette Alexander — on whether to advance Mr. Stanley to the full council.

Mr. Stanley served as general counsel for DYRS before Mr. Gray selected him as interim director in December and the official nominee in late March.

Mr. Graham has said Mr. Stanley benefited from significant support at his most recent confirmation hearing, despite the controversial hiring at New Beginnings.

The facility, which sits on 30 acres in Anne Arundel County, is the centerpiece of the District’s most recent efforts at juvenile justice reform. Described as “the anti-prison,” the $46 million facility offers high-risk offenders an intensive nine- to 12-month program of counseling, education and job training. But the center has space for just 60 of the roughly 1,100 DYRS wards and has been criticized since it opened as being inadequate for the agency’s needs.