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“The decision for discreetly bringing such an individual to U.S. soil is unclear,” Mr. King said. “Unless the Administration has extremely compelling reasons, I strongly believe Warsame belongs before a military commission at Guantanamo Bay rather than in a civilian court in Manhattan.”

Mr. Graham said the administration’s policy is creating “a nation without a jail” for terrorism suspects.

“So what do they do? They put this guy on a ship,” Mr. Graham said in The Times’ “Newsmaker” interview. “And he’s got to be smart enough to know they can’t keep me on this ship forever. And because you don’t want to hold people at Gitmo … you’re going to basically be pushing people into criminal court, cases that shouldn’t be in criminal court.”

Adm. William McRaven, leader of the military’s secretive Joint Special Operations Command, recently told Mr. Graham in a Senate hearing that the length of time the military could hold a terror suspect on a ship “depends on whether or not we think we can prosecute that individual in a U.S. court or we can return him to a third party country.”