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Former State Department China specialist John Tkacik, commenting on the cable, noted the above paragraph was a “nice touch.”

“That, alas, cannot be true even in the vaguest interpretation of syntax,” Mr. Tkacik said. “Given the secretary of state’s comment that ‘we have received little or no response,’ I’d say that reflects that the U.S. and China share ‘little or no’ … ‘mutual nonproliferation goals.’”

Counterintelligence website

The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies this week launched its new website providing a one-stop resource for information on foreign spying and terrorism.

Founded in 1997 by former FBI Agent David Major, the project is called SPYPEDIA and provides an array of details on a large number of spy cases. Its traditional espionage case file alone lists 280 current and past cases, along with 125 economic espionage cases, many of them Chinese-related.

“We are extremely proud to offer this exciting new product to the private and government security and national defense communities, along with the academic [community] and general public,” said Mr. Major, CICentre president. “After well over a decade’s worth of R&D, based upon customer input from around the world to include multinational experts, we are confident that SPYPEDIA will exceed our members’ expectations and bring a deeper understanding of the importance of security and the need to invest in this crucial strategic discipline.”

The database is available by subscription at

Former CIA operations officer Peter Earnest, now director of the International Spy Museum, said the service is “comprehensive, current, and tightly focused - it is an indispensable tool.”

The CICentre provides training courses to the U.S. government on counterintelligence and security.