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Ohio State officials released on Wednesday the NCAA compliance forms provided to athletes when they go to buy a car. The two-page “insert” delineates what are impermissible benefits (vehicles sold at low or no cost or with special financing to an athlete, family member or friend) in addition to who can co-sign on the loan. Athletes are not permitted to promote any commercial entity, including car dealerships.

“The university requires every student-athlete to provide us with detailed information about any vehicle they are driving or have purchased, including make and model, price, and if there are any co-signers,” Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch said. “We have also worked with local businesses, including car dealerships, to ensure they understand the regulations, and, in the case of the car dealers, work with us to provide advance notice of vehicle sales involving student-athletes.”

Despite all the NCAA turmoil, the Buckeyes still received a verbal commitment in football on Wednesday. Tyvis Powell, a defensive back from Bedford, Ohio, said he would be a part of the 2012 recruiting class.


Associated Press Writer Colin Fly in Madison, Wis., contributed to this report.


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