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At one point, he alleges, the president himself made a “highly confusing and forgettable appearance” on national television, and the public “had no idea what he was talking about.” Public support then dropped to between 25 percent and 30 percent.

In labor relations, Mr. Ferrara recommends unprecedented “Prosperity Unions” wherein the dominant question to the employer is, “What can we do to be more productive so you can pay us more?”

The author envisions a “new civil rights” agenda, including (but not restricted to) school choice, patient power and job offers guaranteed to the able-bodied, with a private job assignment as the “top priority.”

Add reforms at the state and local level and a Reagan-like “peace through strength” foreign policy, and the end result is Peter Ferrara’s vision of an America the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the document creating a new nation like no other.

This ambitious formula, this book argues, would mean “a rebirth of America” and future generations sharing “not panic, but hard-earned prosperity and peace.”

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