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CHICAGO — Jurors weighing corruption charges against impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich include a former church choir director, a bartender and dietitian.

The 11 women and one man begin their first full day of deliberations Monday.

Jurors at Blagojevich’s first trial deadlocked after a lone holdout prevented conviction on allegations that he sought to sell or trade President Obama’s old Senate seat.

One thing this jury has that jurors last year didn’t is Blagojevich’s testimony. He didn’t take the stand last year but testified for seven days this time.

Trying to guess how retrial jurors will vote based on their backgrounds is an inexact science.

The defense may believe a mostly female jury helps them. But jury consultant Beth Foley says verdicts rarely break down along gender lines.


Man sues lawmaker over party prank

An Illinois man is suing Rep. Bobby Schilling, his wife, son and three others after he was severely burned in a prank gone wrong during a party at the congressman’s house four years ago.

Thomas W. Reese, 18, filed the lawsuit this week in Illinois’ Henry County Circuit Court.

The negligence lawsuit alleges Mr. Schilling’s son and three others poured gasoline into a toy dump truck, lit it on fire and pushed it at Reese, then 14. The truck struck Thomas, who suffered burns on one-third of his body.

Mr. Schilling, a freshman Republican, says in a statement that Thomas’ parents are friends and campaign donors. He says he’s being sued because he was unable to settle with an insurance company and is hopeful of a quick resolution.

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