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The George Alexander Volunteer Service Award was created in memorial of a friend of American veterans who was quite simply known as “Mr. Volunteer.”

Rarely in the limelight. Always there in the trenches. Never asking for credit, even when it was so truly warranted. Almost embarrassed when the richly deserved credit was given. No project was too small or forbidden to try and tackle. No task was too small or seemingly unimportant that he would not put forth his total commitment and boundless energy.

For George Alexander, the miles have been traveled, the promises kept. May he sleep well, knowing that others, in his name, will continue to strive to match his standards of caring and dedication.

The Carlton Sherwood Media Award annually recognizes both journalistic excellence and those members of the media who have shown special interest in — and dedication to — the needs and concerns of American veterans.

The award is named in honor of the highly decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Mr. Sherwood has achieved excellence in both the print and electronic media. His other reporting honors include awards from Sigma Delta Chi, the national journalistic society; the Peabody Award; the Robert F. Kennedy Prize from the Kennedy Foundation; and the Silver Gavel Award of the American Bar Association.

The Blinded American Veterans Foundation assists blinded and sensory-disabled veterans in attaining their full potential through research, rehabilitation and re-employment. It offers employment networking and rehabilitation and resource counseling, and provides funding for rehabilitation centers. Other programs include a speaker’s bureau, placement services and compilation of related statistics. It also conducts research, educational, and charitable programs. This valuable service is performed strictly with volunteers and without a paid staff.

• The Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation (PenFed Foundation), a nationally recognized nonprofit organization working to meet the unmet needs of military personnel and their families, announced today it raised more than $700,000, a record-breaking fundraising year, at its annual Night of Heroes Gala on Thursday, May 19, in Washington, D.C. The event recognized wounded military heroes and those of the medical community who provide the continuum of care from the battlefield to the home front.

“When the battle ends, the responsibility of the foundation and our donors begins. We are thrilled with the level of support we received this year,” said Christopher Flynn, president and chief executive officer for the PenFed Foundation. “Even in these tough economic times, our donors took that extra step to help make life better for veterans and active duty service members who have and continue to sacrifice so much for our country. That means a lot to us — and to the men and women we serve.”

The money raised will go toward supporting the foundation’s programs including helping wounded service members and providing financial management assistance to veterans and their families. This year, the funds raised will also be used to help build a new $12.5 million Defenders Lodge, a free hotel for veterans seeking medical treatment at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Palo Alto, Calif.

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