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The players preferred to not give a full attendance report, but among those who didn’t participate reportedly included some of the Jets‘ biggest free agents: cornerback Antonio Cromartie and wide receiver Braylon Edwards. reported that wide receiver Santonio Holmes attended at least one day, but didn’t participate in drills.

“That’s something I kind of expected and can understand,” Sanchez said. “As teammates, it’s hard because you want those guys there, but as a professional football player and somebody who understands that there is a business side to this sport, unfortunately, I understand where these guys are coming from.”

The players also had some down time, including a 3-point shooting contest in FDU’s gym, which running back Joe McKnight and cornerback Drew Coleman won. They took home Hugo Boss suits as their reward.

“We had a good time with it, make sure guys are having fun, getting a little conditioning in at the same time,” Sanchez said. “I don’t even think they even realized that they were, so it was good.”

Sanchez said players are considering additional workouts “in small pockets” until the lockout ends. He got the offensive skill players together for his “Jets West” camp in Southern California in early May, and several defensive linemen have been working out at a high school in New Jersey.

“It actually worked the opposite of what a normal offseason is,” Sanchez said. “We’re together so much and the offseason seems so short that when you get those times off, guys want to get away and focus on their family and relax. … Well, now, we’ve been apart for so long, guys couldn’t wait to get here and see each other again and have fun.”