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Redskins coaches gave their public stamp of approval to Williams‘ work habits after his rookie season, but skipping these workouts only amplifies the questions.

When Williams was asked if he would attend another set of workouts if the Redskins hold them later this summer, he said: “I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

For those wondering if he is going to show up in Ashburn after the lockout looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy, he said he currently weighs 320 pounds — three pounds less than his playing weight last season.

He has been boxing three times a week “to try to help my endurance and better hand speed,” he said.

He downplayed any negative impressions his teammates might be developing about his lack of participation.

“I wouldn’t see a reason to feel any certain way about it,” Williams said. “I’m trying to play at the top level and help the team get to the Super Bowl.”