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Another highly charged moment came when it was Cuban’s turn to speak.

He couldn’t.

The rambunctious billionaire determined to do things his way seemed awed by the moment, surely thinking about his own journey from a fan who used to buy scalped tickets to buying the club in January 2000.

When Cooperstein joked about this being “a long way from Reunion Arena,” Cuban just shook his head, lips pinched.

In came Carlisle to the rescue.

He grabbed the microphone and discussed something he said to the players a few days before, about the difference between success and fulfillment.

Mark has had obvious success,” Carlisle said. “The thing you have to understand is, to him, it doesn’t matter the cost, it’s to be able to bring this moment to you. So, thanks.”

They hugged as fans stood and cheered. There were chants of “Thank you Mark,” and Cuban wiped his eyes several times. Once he felt composed, the guy who loves being the center of attention motioned for quiet.

He had a story to tell.

“The day I bought the team, but it had not yet been announced, I went out with some friends to have an adult beverage,” Cuban said. “I go into this bar and I see this tall, German, goofy-looking guy _ with his bowl cut, earring _ and I know I’m going to be his boss the very next day. He has no idea.

“So I walk up to him and say, ‘Yo. Let me buy you a beer.’ He just looks at me, shakes his head and walks away.

“The next day, we’re at (the practice facility). I’m supposed to get introduced to the team. I walk in the door and I walk up and I just look at him and he just shakes his head. That’s pretty much been our relationship for 13 years.”

The video board cut to Nowitzki several times during the anecdote and he couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

There were all sorts of funny moments during the rally.

Brian Cardinal, a backup nicknamed “The Custodian,” came on the stage with a broom and dustpan. With a stogie in his mouth, he tidied up a bit, then waved his arms to loud applause. He cupped a hand to his ears, asking for them to be louder, then went back into the tunnel.

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