- - Thursday, June 16, 2011


Man shot mayor who backed his parole

LITTLE ROCK — A convicted killer who was out on parole shot and critically wounded a northern Arkansas mayor who had written a letter in support of his release from prison, records show.

Everton Mayor Bill Gerdes was in critical condition at a hospital in Springfield, Mo., after he was shot in the back and left hand Wednesday night.

Authorities arrested Justin Bates around midnight Wednesday after an hours-long standoff outside his father’s home in Everton. Boone County Sheriff Danny Hickman said Bates, 35, faces a count of attempted capital murder and a firearms charge.

He’s being held at the county jail on $1 million bond.


CDC: 1 in 4 teens drink soda every day

ATLANTA — A new study shows one in four high school students drink soda every day.

The national survey found that teens drink water, milk and fruit juices most often. But a quarter say they have at least one soda each day.

For all sweetened beverages, the figure is closer to two-thirds when other sugary drinks like Gatorade are counted along with soda. That seems to be less than in the past when more than three-quarters reported drinking a sugary drink each day.

The survey of more than 11,000 teens was conducted last year. The results were reported Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Planned Parenthood gets federal backing in state fight

INDIANAPOLIS — The U.S. Justice Department is siding with Planned Parenthood of Indiana in its lawsuit trying to block a new Indiana law that takes away much of its public funding.

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