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“That’s why you’ll want to play and do it again. You’ll think, ‘[Darn] that felt good.’ All the other [shoddy] shots you’ve hit will become irrelevant. Just thinking about it gave me goose bumps.”

It gave me chills.

I asked what advice he’d offer someone starting out. He said getting the right clubs and making sure you’re comfortable in your swing are the most important things.

“The game is way simpler than most coaches make it,” he said. “It’s just not that hard of a game to become reasonable at. It’s a very hard game to become very good at — no question about that. But to get to a reasonable level where you can enjoy yourself playing, you only have to be able to do two or three things.”

Laughing at yourself would be one, which isn’t a problem for Feherty. His show allows you find the humor in golf, him and his interview subjects, including Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Johnny Miller and Charles Barkley.

And if Barkley can get out there, as terrible as he looks on the golf course, there’s no excuse for anyone else.

So I’m taking lessons. But I’m all ears if anyone else wants to make the case for, or against, pursuing this sport.

I’m going to try it.

I think.