Mexicans try to break climate talk deadlock

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She received a standing ovation.

Bolivia maintains the Cancun Agreements are invalid, and says it is considering legal challenges.

“We are not against a vote. But a vote applies to all. If there is consensus, it applies to all,” said Bolivia’s Pablo Solon, the delegate who lost the standoff in Cancun. The proposal to change the rules amounted to an admission that Espinosa was out of order to overrule him, he said Friday.

In 2007 at the Indonesian resort of Bali, the U.S. delegation threatened to scuttle a hard-fought agreement, backing down only when it was shamed in the closing session. The Papua New Guinea delegate told the Americans that if they cannot be a leader, “leave it to the rest of us. Please get out of the way.”

In 2009 in Denmark, a handful of countries, including Bolivia, Sudan, Venezuela, and Cuba, blocked adoption of the Copenhagen Accord brokered by President Barack Obama. They objected that the accord was concluded in a back-room deal and was unacceptably inadequate.

Rather than being adopted, the Copenhagen Accord was only “noted,” depriving it of legal force.

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