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“I literally took a knee and sat down to gather myself, cause I thought I might just fall over. It was a very surreal experience to be with him and carry his bag in the U.S. Open is just unreal.

“He just keeps getting bigger and better and longer. He played great. I’m proud of him. At this age to go out and do what he did, and be disappointed because he knows he could have played better, it’s special. He’s a player.”

After his time at Congressional, Hossler has plans to return to California, take a break, hang out with a few buddies and have some fun.

He’s also not done with his schoolwork; the high school sophomore still has an English final to take.

“I’m not studying for that,” Hossler said with a shy smile.

His long-term plans include college, though he hasn’t decided where yet, and he will turn pro after that. Hossler comes across as mature and well grounded for his age, in fact for anyone, and has a clear picture of what he hopes his future will be.

His talent on the golf course simply brings that picture more clearly into focus.

“Obviously it’s very difficult to compete to win the tournament at this stage, but I feel like I can see myself here in the future,” Hossler said.

“I feel like I belong when I’m out here.”