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As one journalist began to ask something, Djokovic interrupted, having noticed the new face in the crowd.

“Sorry, I have a question there,” the Serb said, motioning toward Wozniacki. “Where are you from?”

The Dane said she worked for the “Monaco newspaper on Avenue Princess Grace,” where the two live near each other.

“So who is your favorite women’s tennis player?” Wozniacki asked.

“Well, we’ll have to keep that a secret,” Djokovic answered, but later relented, saying his favorite player is his neighbor. “From time to time, we have coffee there on the beach and just relax and have lunch, have a jog.”

Said Wozniacki: “I’m sure she must be a really, really nice girl.”

Replied Djokovic: “She is a really, really nice girl. She’s a great entertainer. No. 1. You never heard about her?”