D.C. juvenile facility chief’s selection raises questions

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Mr. Graham said the committee did not vote on Mr. Stanley’s confirmation during a Thursday morning meeting because members did not have time to finish and circulate a report after the previous night’s hearing went on until 10:30 p.m.

The vote was not immediately rescheduled.

Long after public witnesses had their turn, discourse between Mr. Graham and Mr. Stanley turned to complaints by Namon Reid III, a former interim superintendent at New Beginnings who was passed over for the permanent job and filed a formal complaint with human resources.

Mr. Reid was terminated for failing to respond to nighttime calls after the April 18 escape - he responded when he found out in the morning, he has testified - but he thinks DYRS officials were clearing the way for Capt. Baynes.

Mr. Graham said it seems “the apple cart was upset” by a memo from Judy Banks, then interim personnel director for the District, which directed Mr. Stanley to rescind consideration of Capt. Baynes and assemble a panel of experts to vet candidates for the superintendent job.

Mr. Stanley said he did not “have any recollection of seeing that memo,” but would look into the matter. He also distanced himself from the process, saying alterations to the job posting appeared to be part of a widespread effort to update employment announcements. He also said a separate panel conducted the interviews and the D.C. government’s human resources department signed off on the hirings.

“I was not wedded to Capt. Baynes, I was not wedded to any particular candidate,” Mr. Stanley said.

He said the agency did not move forward with earlier action on Capt. Baynes because a complaint had been filed with human resources, leading to the intervention.

Mr. Graham told Mr. Stanley it was unusual for the committee to delve into personnel matters, but “New Beginnings right now is a huge problem for us.”

With regard to the requirements that were omitted from the job posting, Mr. Graham said, “I don’t know if I feel comfortable with a point of view that is anti-relevant experience.”

“That is not the case,” the nominee replied.

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