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Ex-spymaster: No attack on Iran through ‘12

JERUSALEMIsrael’s recently retired spymaster said the country’s military does not plan to attack Iran within the next two years, and the Israeli government should accept a Saudi proposal for Mideast peace.

At a panel discussion Wednesday at Tel Aviv University, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan restated his opposition to a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, saying it would engulf the region in war without destroying Tehran’s nuclear program.

“It is important to consider all options and not to run straight for the war option,” the Yediot Ahronot newspaper quoted Mr. Dagan as saying. “At the moment, no decision has been made to attack Iran, and I am not familiar with any decision to attack in 2011 or 2012.”

Israel, like the West, thinks Iran’s nuclear program is meant to develop bombs - a claim Tehran denies.

While Israel says sanctions are the preferred option, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated in the U.S. last week his opinion that the threat of a military strike is the only way to pressure Iran to curb its nuclear ambitions. Mr. Netanyahu stopped short of saying Israel should carry out a strike.


Lawyer: Document proves Mladic has cancer

THE HAGUERatko Mladic’s attorney said Thursday that he has a document proving the war-crimes suspect has been battling cancer and that he was treated at a Serbian hospital in 2009, but a Serbian prosecutor called it a hoax.

Milos Saljic told the Associated Press that Mr. Mladic has been battling lymph node cancer and that he underwent surgery and chemotherapy for it in 2009.

The lawyer showed the AP what he called a photocopy of a doctors diagnosis saying that Mr. Mladic was in a Serbian hospital between April 20 and July 18, 2009.

Serbia handed over the wartime Bosnian Serb army commander to the U.N. war-crimes tribunal in The Hague on Tuesday after he had spent 16 years on the run.


U.S. adds politician, businessman to drug list

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