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Last month, Paul DeStephano happened upon Moldoveanu at 8:45 a.m. going through one of the workouts at St. John’s College High School. DeStephano coached Moldoveanu at St. John’s and was reminded of his willingness to learn and put in the work to complement his physical gifts.

But everyone who talks about Moldoveanu’s future adds the same caveat: He needs to find the right fit. Not just a team - in Europe or the NBA - that likes him, but a system that welcomes his unique game.

“He’s almost like an specialist,” DeStephano said. “He can create tremendous mismatch problems for the opposition. But he’s not your traditional big guy. He’s not solely a back-to-the-basket guy who is going to bang, bang, bang.”

Moldoveanu has been like that since he arrived at St. John’s, an above-average passer who can shoot the ball from the perimeter. But after studying average heights and weights in the NBA, Moldoveanu determined he needed to get stronger. He hopes to have his weight up to 230 by September. He’s at 222 now.

By then, Moldoveanu hopes his job search will be less muddled.

“It’s either the NBA or Europe,” Barrett said. “It depends on the fit. It has to be a fit with the right team in order for him to be successful. I can’t say what’s best for him, but he has an opportunity to make a ton of money wherever he goes.”