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“Either way it’s going to be a mismatch if we’re all on the court at the same time,” Williams said.

With a team that is coming off such a poor season, assistant GM Tony Ronzone said they need as much talent as they can get, regardless of position.

“The bottom line, with where we’re at, you take the best player available and you just can’t pass up on guys and try to get creative,” Ronzone said. “(Williams is) someone we’ve got to look at very strongly at that spot. He’s a talent. He can play.”

If the Cavs take Williams, Kahn said the Wolves will take Irving. With Rubio already the point guard of the future, the Wolves would then likely trade Irving.

The other option if they stay put is Kanter, the big man who did not play last season after being ruled ineligible at Kentucky. Darko Milicic and Nikola Pekovic were underwhelming last year at center for the Wolves, and Kanter’s size and raw offensive talent are intriguing.

“There’s mystery. There always is this time of year,” Kahn said. “Maybe if we were number one in a year where it’s a Dwight Howard year, then there would be no mystery. But I think inevitably, you’re never sure until you’re sure, so there’s mystery still. I think we have options in front of us and we still discuss those internally.”


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