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“She negated the whole First Amendment,” Mr. Jillette wrote in a tweet Sunday night. “Glad to help her lose.”

He further said Miss Durham was fine in expressing disdain for religious burnings but shouldn’t have advocated taking away freedoms.

With four competitors left gunning for the crown, Miss Durham was asked a question posed by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito about whether burning religious books, including the Muslim holy book, should be afforded the same constitutional protections as flag burning. She struggled in her response but said it crossed a line and shouldn’t be allowed.

“I know that some people view it as a freedom of speech, however, burning the American flag is not patriotic at all,” Miss Durham said. “No American citizen should do that, and you should also respect other religions. I’m a Christian and a faithful person. I would personally not appreciate someone burning the Bible, and that’s just a line you do not cross.”

Miss Durham fired back at Mr. Jillette in a statement issued Tuesday through state pageant officials, saying she’s disappointed with Mr. Jillette’s reaction. She said it’s uncalled for that he would delight in shooting down her dreams.

It was not clear whether Mr. Jillette’s vote swung the competition against Miss Durham. Miss USA officials did not immediately respond to messages from the Associated Press seeking comments about the ballots.

‘True Blood’ creator in talks for season five

With season four of HBO’s vampire hit “True Blood” premiering Sunday, creator Alan Ball is in talks to return for a fifth season of the Anna Paquin hit.

“Right now I’m in the middle of negotiating for a fifth season,” Mr. Ball told the Hollywood Reporter at the show’s season-four premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday. “I don’t know if I have any left in me after that. We’ll see.”

The show runner, whose resume also includes the cable network’s critical favorite “Six Feet Under,” added that he could see the show based on Charlaine Harris’ 13-book Sookie Stackhouse series “going a few more seasons.”

“I think if we did 13 seasons we’d have to address why vampires are aging,” Mr. Ball joked.

Mr. Ball said the show’s fourth season has been “really tough,” and while he’s happy with it, he’s “ready to take a big vacation right now.”

“I’ll play it by ear and see how it happens,” he said.

Mr. Ball first hinted at the series continuing without him this month in an interview with Rolling Stone in which he said, “I don’t believe ‘True Blood’ is 100 percent dependent on my participation. It has a strong following and a really strong cast, and there could be a future where I step back and the show would continue.”

TLC plans special for Lachey-Minnillo wedding

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