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Though Airbus was ending the show with a bang, it had started off with a series of embarrassing gaffes before the opening.

Its A380 double decker superjumbo was briefly grounded after it clipped a wingtip while maneuvering on a taxiway at the Le Bourget airport outside Paris, where the air show is held every two years.

Airbus’ long-overdue and over-budget military transporter, the A400M, was unable to perform a scheduled demonstration at the show because of what Airbus called a minor gearbox problem.

And the Airbus A350 long-range widebody had a new disappointment with the announcement that two versions of the jet would be delayed by about two years, so that the jet’s exclusive engine supplier Rolls Royce can develop a higher powered motor for the stretched version of the aircraft, something Airbus said customers had demanded.

Although deals are typically announced during the first four days, before the opening to the general public on Friday, the planemakers held out hope for some last-minute surprises, possibly more orders.

“The show’s not over yet,” said Airbus CEO Enders.