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Olshey said the Clippers had a lot of trade discussions leading up to the draft, but they had no interest in trying to swing a deal to land a first-round pick.

“We like our roster the way it is,” he said, nothing the team has $12 million in salary cap room to land a big-name free agent.

The Clippers never had much to show for having the 37th and 47th picks once before. They took Elliot Perry of Memphis with the 37th pick in 1991. He played 10 games for them that season before being waived, and went on to play 10 years in the league.

They took Tim McCalister from Oklahoma with the 47th pick in 1987, but he never appeared in an NBA game.

“Taking a guy that’s going to hang around your roster for a year or two doesn’t do anything for you,” Olshey said.