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“He (Chase) proved that he was better than other players on our team, other draft picks we took that year,” Morey said. “Chandler is another guy we got for a very good price, and someone who can potentially win minutes over time.”

The Rockets were glad to find a taker for Miller, who is due to make almost $10 million over the next two seasons. But the additions of Morris, Motiejunas and Parsons crowd the roster at the forward position, leaving McHale and Morey to make some decisions before the season begins.

Chuck Hayes, also a free agent, has played in 156 of 164 games over the past two seasons and Luis Scola has been a regular starter for the bulk of the last four years. Houston also drafted Patrick Patterson with the 14th pick last season, and picked up Jordan Hill in a trade with New York in February 2010.

“We’ve challenged the roster a little bit, in terms of the total number of guys and the different positions,” Morey said. “But we’d rather have the problem of too much talent, too many good players, than too little and we’re just happy everything is balanced.”

Morris shot 57 percent from the field and topping 20 points in 12 games for Kansas last season. Parsons averaged 11.3 points and 7.8 rebounds in 36 games for Florida.

The 235-pound Morris says he’s open to slimming down and moving to a small forward spot, if that’s what the Rockets need from him.

“I think I can just get in there and fit wherever they want me to play,” Morris said.