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The night ended more than two hours behind schedule with Bollywood celebs joining Khan on stage for a closing dance routine.

The hugely popular awards ceremonies capped three days of festivities.

Roughly 16,000 of the 22,000 tickets to the awards ceremony available to the public sold out in minutes. Those lucky enough to get seats were charged between $49 and $126, while resellers offered last-minute tickets online for more than $1,500 each.

Launched in 2000 at the Millennium Dome in London, the annual IIFA awards have traveled around the world in the hopes of exposing the genre to various audiences and opening trade markets.

Holding the event in Toronto was a strategic move as India’s cinematic royalty makes a bid for a piece of the North American box office. Held previously in Amsterdam, Sri Lanka, Macau, London, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, Bangkok and Johannesburg, IIFA is capitalizing on the already huge Bollywood following in Toronto, which has an estimated population of nearly 700,000 South Asians.

“For the first time in its 12-year history, IIFA makes its North American debut, and its biggest stars are you,” Kapoor said in a mix of English, Hindi and Punjabi while pointing to the audience. “Thank you Ontario. Thank you so much for making us feel the warmth in Canada.”

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty lured the IIFA to the city by pledging $12.25 million.

Organizers say more than 200 filmmakers and actors came from overseas in the bid to gain inroads into the North American market and build production partnerships.

The awards gala is considered India’s biggest media event and one of world’s most-watched televised spectacles, with hundreds of millions of viewers tuning in.

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