- - Monday, June 27, 2011


Small asteroid swings harmlessly past Earth

LOS ANGELES — An asteroid the size of a tour bus zipped harmlessly past Earth.

The space rock was 7,600 miles above the Earth’s surface, sailing high above the southern Atlantic Ocean at its closest approach.

The asteroid was discovered last week by telescopes in New Mexico. It is between 15 feet and 60 feet wide. Scientists say asteroids this size sail past Earth every six years.

Earlier this year, a smaller space rock came within 3,400 miles of Earth.


Homeowners on standby to flee from wildfire

BOULDER — About 100 firefighters are battling a wildfire that broke out in a canyon northwest of Boulder.

Fire officials had put 340 homeowners on standby to evacuate. No structures are immediately threatened by the fire.

Meanwhile, hot, windy weather in southern Colorado has caused a wildfire that has been burning since June 12 to spread. The Duckett fire grew by about 400 acres over the weekend but it’s not threatening any homes. Most of the growth has been in a steep, rugged terrain in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

That fire covers 7 square miles and is 80 percent contained.


Planned Parenthood sues officials on funding

TOPEKA — Planned Parenthood has filed a federal lawsuit about a provision pushed by abortion opponents in Kansas’ next state budget that prevents it from receiving federal family- planning dollars.

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