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There’s the age factor, too. Johnson is 68, four years older than Gibbs and 13 older than Weaver when they began their reruns. You might become wiser and kindlier as the years pile up, but that doesn’t mean your energy and initiative will be the same.

So let’s watch and wait as far as Johnson is concerned. The Nationals are a team on the rise, even with Stephen Strasburg sidelined and Bryce Harper down on the farm, but they’ll have to finish this promising season at .500 or above before the baseball establishment takes them seriously.

When Johnson agreed to succeed the unfortunate Jim Riggleman last week, the Nationals said strangely that he would be in the dugout for the rest of 2011 and then help “re-evaluate” the situation. Seems to me that means Johnson isn’t sure he wants to manage more or less permanently. Well, he’ll see, and so will we.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the improvement of a team that has kept its fans waiting for it too long. If Davey Johnson can contribute to that, and likely he will, so much the better.

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