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Under new goalie coach Roland Melanson, Luongo is deeper in his net now, which not only shortens the distances he has to move his size-13 skates, but also keeps him out of traffic.

So rather than worrying about fighting past 6-9 Boston defenseman Zdeno Chara atop the crease on the Bruins’ power play, Luongo only has to worry about seeing around him. After struggling to recover on rebounds because he got tangled up with crease-crashing opponents last season, Luongo now finds less resistance as he slides around on his knees to square up to second chances.

Roberto played sort of the same way (as Thomas) last year,” Vigneault said of the positioning. “We got in trouble because of that. We fixed that this year.”

As for Thomas’s tendency to charge out of his net, the Canucks believe they can target it for goals. His challenge on Jannik Hansen left Torres with an empty net driving backdoor for the winning goal Wednesday.

“We can’t take runs at him even though he’s outside,” Hansen said. “It’s a matter of being careful. If he’s out there, there should be room around him and behind him, so it’s something we can take advantage of as well.”