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YANGON | A judge sentenced an Australian publisher to a month in prison Thursday for assaulting a Myanmar woman but granted his release for time already served.

The case drew attention to the risks for foreign investors in Myanmar, a country fraught with corruption and cronyism and ruled by the military for five decades until a civilian government led by retired generals took office in April.

Ross Dunkley, co-founder of the Myanmar Times newspaper, was found guilty of assault and immigration offenses but walked free after paying a fine of $120, his attorney Min Sein said.

Dunkley was arrested in February and spent a month in one of Myanmar’s toughest jails before his release on bail in March.


Police destroy fake goods to mark Anti-Counterfeit Day

MANILA | Police slashed fake Louis Vuitton bags and drove armored vehicles over pirated DVDs on Thursday to mark World Anti-Counterfeit Day, a first step in destroying a five-month haul of counterfeit goods.

The destruction of the fake luxury items at police headquarters in Manila involved a portion of the goods seized from January through May, a police official said. The rest will destroyed later, he said.

The entire haul would be worth $39.4 million if the items were authentic, the official said.


Beached sea turtle starves after eating plastic

SYDNEY | A green sea turtle that washed ashore likely starved to death after swallowing 317 pieces of plastic, a marine biologist said Thursday.

Rochelle Ferris of Australian Seabird Rescue said an autopsy on the turtle found fishing line, packing tape, lolly pop sticks, lids and a variety of plastic bags.

She said the turtle’s digestive system became impacted with material it couldn’t digest and the animal slowly starved.