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Colbert’s campaign to create a political action committee is not without some comic jabs. His political action committee slogan is “Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow.”

Colbert’s comic flair surfaced in a recent letter to the Federal Election Commission.

“Colbert Super PAC will also pay usual and normal administrative expenses, including but not limited to luxury hotel stays, private jet travel and PAC mementos from Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus,” Colbert’s lawyers wrote to the commissioners.

“This is not just about the cash,” the comedian said during Wednesday night’s episode of “The Colbert Report.” “I will also accept credit cards.”

In March, Colbert said he was forming a traditional political action committee. But that kind of committee has stricter rules on fundraising, so he announced plans to form his own super PAC instead.

Colbert has said any ads for Colbert Super PAC would not be coordinated with any candidate or party.