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FIDE, the international chess federation, even instituted a rule calling for the instant forfeit of any player whose cellphone rings during a game.

Another computer-related scandal emerged at the Chess Olympiad - the game’s equivalent of the Olympics - last fall in Russia. Three top French grandmasters have been suspended for up to five years after being accused of an elaborate system to pass along computer-generated moves during games.

Because Fruit is an “open-source” program, its codes are available for anyone to use - but its license strictly prohibits anyone from making money off its code and not giving credit. John Dozier Jr., a lawyer who specializes in Internet copyright issues, said no successful preventive measure from this is in sight.

“When we get better with digital rights management, the thieves are going to get better with their technology to find the holes with what have been built,” Mr. Dozier said. “The advances in technology help both sides of the war. It’s a standoff.”

Mr. Levy said he thinks the ruling of the ICGA would deter other programmers from heading down the same path. As for Rybka, it will now be remembered as just another champion that didn’t respect the rules of the game.