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Bachmann says miscarriage shaped family priorities

ROCK HILL | Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman seeking the Republican presidential nomination, said Wednesday that a “devastating” miscarriage led her to become a foster parent to 23 children.

Speaking to voters in South Carolina, the mother of five biological children said the experience changed her and refocused her family’s priorities. As she appeals to voters, she is talking about opening her home to a rotating crew of teenage girls from troubled families, some staying a few weeks and others for years.

“After our second was born, we became pregnant with a third baby,” she said. “It was an unexpected baby, but of course we were delighted to have this child. The child was coming along, and we ended up losing our child. And it was devastating to both of us, as you can imagine if any of you have lost a child.”

She said the experience led her and husband Marcus to re-evaluate their priorities.

“At that moment, we didn’t think of ourselves as overly career-minded or overly materialistic, but when we lost that child it changed us, and it changed us forever,” she said. “We made a commitment that, no matter how many children were brought into our life, we would receive them because we are committed to life.”


Obama to hold Twitter town hall

The White House will host a Twitter town hall session with President Obama on Wednesday.

The president will answer questions submitted via Twitter, which limits messages to 140 characters. The town hall will focus on jobs and the economy, and a video feed of Mr. Obama’s answers will be streamed online.

While Mr. Obama has taken questions submitted on social networking sites during previous town halls, including one hosted by Facebook, the White House said this is the first time the questions will come exclusively via Twitter.

The encumbent’s campaign said last week that Mr. Obama is starting to regularly tweet from the popular social media service. Tweets sent by the president using his Twitter account will be signed “-BO.”


Biotech exec Crowley says no to Senate run

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