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On a flight to Chicago to attend a wedding, Maggette was awoken by a friend who told him only that he had been traded to Charlotte. Maggette immediately was happy because he thought he’d be reunited with Jackson, his friend and former teammate with the Warriors.

Maggette didn’t know until after he got off the plane Jackson was headed to the Bucks in another shake up to Jordan’s roster.

“Jack wasn’t happy about it,” Maggette said. “He was really happy about being in Charlotte and the fans there and the organization as well as Michael.”

Now Maggette and Jordan are paired. A Duke guy will try to help a North Carolina guy during a transition period for a franchise that’s been to the playoffs as many times as Maggette.

Yet Maggette is confident Jordan will soon attract free agents _ “Who wouldn’t want to play for Michael Jordan?” _ and compared some of his struggles as an executive to Dallas owner Mark Cuban’s resume.

“He pushed, he pushed and pushed and now he’s got that opportunity where he got himself a championship,” Maggette said. “So I know Michael is going to be in the same position where he’s going to do that as well.”


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