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The “Sex and the City” star is reprising her role in Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” when the comedy hits New York this fall following a run in London last year, the Associated Press reports.

It’s the tale of a divorced couple who discover they have adjoining rooms while honeymooning with their new spouses.

Miss Cattrall, who made her Broadway debut in “Wild Honey” with Sir Ian McKellen, will be joined by Paul Gross, star of the TV shows “Due South” and “Slings and Arrows.”

Tracy Morgan’s routine puts him in hot water again

Yet another group is demanding an apology from comedian Tracy Morgan, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The “30 Rock” actor returned to the stage Saturday night for his first stand-up performance since going on an anti-gay tirade June 3 in Nashville, Tenn., over which he was forced to apologize.

During Saturday’s show at Carolines Comedy Club in New York, Mr. Morgan quipped: “Don’t ever mess with women who have retarded kids. Them young retarded males is strong. They’re strong like chimps.”

The remark earned him groans and shouts of “uh-oh” from the audience.

He then launched into a bit about hooking up with a girl he referred to as a “cripple.”

Now the Arc, a nonprofit advocacy group that works on behalf of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, is demanding an apology.

“Tracy Morgan should apologize immediately,” the Arc CEO Peter Berns told E! News. “This quote is far too offensive to be excused as comedy, and it is very hurtful to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.”

There reportedly were no audience walkouts at the New York event as there had been at the Nashville show, where Mr. Morgan said he would “pull out a knife and stab” his own son if he were gay.

Mr. Morgan has since apologized for that rant, saying, “I know how bad bullying can hurt. I was bullied when I was a kid. I’m sorry for what I said.”