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- Sulaimon Brown to reporters on March 28, weeks before a D.C. Council committee had to take him to court to have him appear for testimony

• “Tell them I’ll be right there.”

- Sulaimon Brown to a guy in the hall of the John A. Wilson Building on April 7, shortly before he slipped out the front door instead of testifying before the Committee on Government Operations and the Environment

• “I watch a lot of Judge Judy.”

- Sulaimon Brown to D.C. Superior Court Judge Judith N. Macaluso on Tuesday, explaining his generous use of the term “for the record”

• “I’ve already said I take full responsibility.”

- Oh, wait. That wasn’t Sulaimon Brown. That was D.C. Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown. Our fault.

Brief or boxer?

Was it ever easier to use innuendo in political chit-chat? New York Rep. Anthony D. Weiner’s vague, less-than-satisfactory explanations about how a photo of a man’s crotch ended up being sent to a Seattle woman through his Twitter account brought irresistible opportunities this week to poke fun.

Rep. Gerald E. Connolly was no exception when he was asked on WAMU-FM’s “Politics Hour” for some thoughts on the “Boxer Rebellion” raging on Capitol Hill.

“I hope all of us can grow our way out of this incident,” the Virginia Democrat told host Kojo Nnamdi and analyst and NBC Washington reporter Tom Sherwood.

‘Nuff said.

Hot under the collar

Maryland’s recently passed Dream Act has many Republicans hot under the collar, but never more so than during a news conference last week.

Organizers of the petition to suspend the law allowing in-state tuition for many illegal immigrants gathered Tuesday in Annapolis to tout the more than 60,000 signatures they had collected by the end of May.

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