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Game 3 is at the TD Garden, and the Bruins and Vancouver Canucks have finished their warmups and headed back to the locker rooms for a last-minute pep talk.

The crowd is still filtering in, but already there seem to be a lot of fans in blue and green sprinkled through the stands. It’s about 3,000 miles from Vancouver _ that’s about 5,000 kilometers, for those of you scoring in Canada. But it’s only about a 5 hour drive from Montreal or Quebec and the Eastern provinces.

It’s the first time the finals have been played in the TD Garden. When the Bruins played the Edmonton Oilers in 1990, the old Boston Garden was still up.

The Oilers won in ‘90 in five games. That was their fifth title in seven years, and the second time in three years that they went through Boston to win the Cup. In 1988, playing in the old Garden, the heat in the un-air conditioned building caused fog to rise from the ice and forced the officials to stop play from time to time to let it clear. But with the score tied 3-3 in second period, the power went out.

The game was canceled and replayed in its entirety in Edmonton, which won to complete the sweep.