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Next, the influence of comics scribe Geoff Johns on the Green Lantern comes to light in an 18-minute featurette, highlighted by some awesome silver age Gil Kane art.

Bruce Timm, as he does in every release, taps into the DC animated series library and offers the episode “Revenge of the Reach” from the current hip kid cartoon “Batman: The Brave and The Bold.”

Additionally, two comic-book origin vignettes shed light on Green Lantern Corps members Abin Sur and Laira Omoto. Both feature some incredible examples of sequential art that embellish the narration.

Read all about it: You can try reading the first 11 pages of Green Lantern, no. 1 (volume 4) on-screen as an included bonus to the Blu-ray.

However, I would suggest just buying the trade paperback, Green Lantern: Volume 1: No Fear ($24.99), which includes the first six issues of Mr. Johns’ reboot of the franchise.

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