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“It’s not easy. There’s parts that you wish you could hold him and see him,” he said. “I’m lucky for the time we had together; I appreciate the time we did have together, and I know it’s just a part of life.”

Life for Tobiason now is getting ready for Congressional and the biggest tournament of his career.

“This has been the dream of his father,” Joan said. “And to have him play on Father’s Day is so appropriate because my husband was a big golfer, too, and he toured with Michael all the time.”

The loss of Joan’s father in November will make it “a tough one” on Father’s Day. Tobiason will have to make the cut in the toughest field he’s ever been a part of to even get to Sunday. Again the odds are long.

“I know my dad is here with me,” he said. “That’s the coolest part is you know he’s not here physically, but there’s still part of him inside me. I take him everywhere I go.”

Next stop, the U.S. Open.