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Ms. Whiting’s hiring and her undisclosed felony record were exposed by The Washington Times in February. On Monday, she testified that former Department of Human Resources director Judy Banks asked her to resign effective April 18, and she did so because she didn’t want to continue to be a distraction, and “because when they ask you to resign and you don’t, they’ll go ahead and fire you anyway.”

Council member Tommy Wells, Ward 6 Democrat, said it was “reasonable” that Ms. Whiting neglected to sign the mandatory section on her recent job application and expressed concern that she had been treated unfairly “by an administration under siege.”

In March, an email obtained by The Times showed that Mr. Gray was told of Ms. Whitings felony conviction in July when she was still working for Mr. Mendelson and he was upset to hear she had not disclosed it. Mr. Gray told a supporter he was going to confirm the non-disclosure, the email states. Mr. Mendelson acknowledged at the time he was first informed of Ms. Whitings criminal past that same month, and confirmed talking with Mr. Gray about it. But he said he never inquired whether Ms. Whiting lied on her job application.

On Monday, Mr. Mendelson refused to answer questions about how he handled the situation. “It’s a waste of my time,” he said. “You don’t ask clear questions.”

Mr. Gray’s office declined to comment on the matter.

Asked to comment on Ms. Whiting’s behalf, Mr. Bolden said it is clear that both Mr. Mendelson and Mr. Gray “had no problem hiring” Ms. Whiting. He also insisted his client did nothing to warrant a forced resignation.

With regard to the difference between Ms. Whiting’s $65,000 salary and the $98,000 salary the mayor’s office submitted to the council for the 2012 budget, The Times reviewed more than 280 employee listings for DPR and was unable to find any salary discrepancies remotely close to that amount.

DPR Chief of Staff John Stokes confirmed the posting of the $98,0000 figure for the budget, but said Ms. Whiting was paid at the $65,000 annual salary level. He said the agency failed to correct the discrepancy and that the “proper amounts” had since been entered into the payroll system. He said the position is currently vacant.