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NAMPA — Idaho carried out a sweeping overhaul of its public school system this year and stood out nationally amid a rancorous debate over education around the country.

But the man who orchestrated the reforms, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna, quickly learned that his landmark victory came with a price.

At the height of the firestorm over the reforms, vandals went to Mr. Luna’s home, spray-painted his truck and slashed the tires. The anger of hundreds of teachers, parents and students filled the halls of Idaho’s Capitol during hearings this spring.

And now, Mr. Luna’s critics want to repeal his education laws and kick him out of office.

At issue is a polarizing new education package that restricts teacher collective bargaining and will eventually supply every Idaho high school student with a laptop.


Town floods second time in two weeks

ROUNDUP — One of the hardest-hit towns in flood-soaked Montana took another blow Wednesday as record flooding struck the small agricultural community for the second time in two weeks, forcing dozens of residents from homes that they had just started to clean up.

The Musselshell River gushed into Roundup’s neighborhoods, nearly submerging cars and swallowing the ground floors of homes.

Officials evacuated between 30 and 35 residences and businesses on the southern end of the central Montana town near the river, said Randy Holmes, a disaster and emergency services volunteer.


Police defend acting on tip about bodies

HARDIN — The anonymous caller claiming to be a psychic offered police a startling tip: Multiple bodies, including those of children, had been buried at a rural Texas home.

Officers searched the property and quickly concluded the tip was a hoax but not before a flurry of media reports indicated that a mass grave had been found containing the remains of as many as 30 people.

Still, authorities insisted Wednesday that they were right to take the information seriously because of the severity of the crime that was alleged. Experts and other law enforcement agencies agreed.

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