- Associated Press - Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain and France on Wednesday will propose a U.N. resolution that condemns a crackdown in Syria that has killed hundreds.

Mr. Cameron told the House of Commons that the two nations wish to object to the actions of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government and would be offering “a resolution at the Security Council condemning the repression and demanding accountability and humanitarian action.”

“If anyone votes against that resolution or tries to veto it, that should be on their conscience,” he said.

The resolution is separate from another measure being directed at Syria‘s nuclear program. The United States and its allies are pushing ahead with efforts to bring Syria before the U.N. Security Council for failure to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, despite opposition from China and Russia.

In an online briefing Wednesday, French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said France decided it was time to act over the crackdown.

“The moment has come for the international community to assume its responsibilities considering the Syrian regime’s decision to continue and heighten its use of violence and repression,” Mr. Valero said.

The statements came as troops and tanks made their way to the restive northern area where soldiers reportedly joined an anti-government uprising, according to a Syrian human rights worker Mustafa Osso. That raised the prospect of another bout of bloodshed in Syria‘s nationwide crackdown on the revolt against Mr. Assad.

Activists say the crackdown has killed more than 1,300 Syrians.

The sponsors put the draft U.N. resolution before the 15-member Security Council in its final form, and there is then a 24-hour period before the measure is put to a vote.

Associated Press writers Jenny Barchfield and Edie Lederer contributed to this story.



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