- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 9, 2011


Patrick J. Reilly’s column “Labor redoubles assault on Catholic colleges” (Commentary, Wednesday) paints a clear picture of the efforts of the National Labor Relations Board. Supported by President Obama’s Brown Shirts in the guise of federal agents, the NLRB props up the decrepit and dysfunctional union system.

With their longtime influence from organized crime, many unions have failed to do much other than lavish huge sums of member contributions upon union thugs and willful politicians who come hat in hand.

With the continued attack on religious schools and, most recently, its attacks on right-to-work states such as South Carolina because of the Boeing Co.’s new assembly plant, the NLRB has turned itself into a group of no-longer-relevant bureaucrats (what NLRB should really stand for) vainly trying to save their own jobs.

Congress should cut funding for this antiquated operation and let it wither on the vine along with the corrupt unions that it represents.





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