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The List: Sex, lies, videotape, the Internet and Twitter

- The Washington Times - Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rep. Anthony D. Weiner, New York Democrat, is embroiled in a scandal after a lewd photo was sent from his Twitter account to a female college student. This week, the List looks at some notable figures who have found themselves in a controversy after embarrassing moments were captured in photographs, on videotape, etc.

  • Rob Lowe — The Brat Pack actor faced controversy in the 1980s when a tape surfaced of him having sex with two young women, one of whom was underage, while he was attending the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta.
  • Christian Bale — An F-word-laced tirade by the "Dark Knight" star surfaced on the Internet in February 2009. Mr. Bale made the comments on the set of "Terminator Salvation."
  • Rep. Anthony D. Weiner — The disgraced congressman sent a close-up photo of a man's underwear, while being worn, via Twitter to his 47,000-plus followers and addressed specifically to a Seattle college student. Mr. Weiner denied sending the photo and then later admitted it.
  • Rep. Chris Lee — Earlier this year, Mr. Lee was accused of posting shirtless photos of himself to women through Craigslist. House Speaker John A. Boehner told the New York Republican to resign immediately.
  • John Edwards — A tape of the former presidential candidate having sex with his mistress Rielle Hunter was found last year by Edwards aide Andrew Young among a box of personal items left at his home by Miss Hunter.
  • Paris Hilton — A raunchy tape of the hotel heiress and her then-boyfriend, Rick Salomon, surfaced in 2003 just before the start of her reality TV series "The Simple Life."
  • Joe Namath — During an interview on Dec. 20, 2003, a very drunk Joe Namath told the on-field interviewer, "I want to kiss you. I couldn't care less about the [New York Jets] struggling."
  • Kiefer Sutherland — The "24" actor was caught on tape announcing himself as a pirate while drunkenly diving into a Christmas tree.
  • Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee — Various interludes from Ms. Anderson and her then-husband Mr. Lee's honeymoon were placed online by the Internet Entertainment Group in 1998.
  • Carrie Prejean — Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, who said she lost her crown because of her opposition to gay marriage in 2009, found herself apologizing for a sex tape she had made for an ex-boyfriend.
  • Arifinto — The Indonesian lawmaker, who goes by one name and helped pass a tough anti-pornography law, resigned in April after he was filmed watching sexually explicit videos on his computer during a parliamentary debate.
  • George Allen — In his re-election campaign in 2006, the former Virginia senator was caught on videotape calling an Indian-American a "macaca," which is used as racial slur against African immigrants in some European cultures. The controversy turned a seemingly inevitable re-election of Allen into a victory for his opponent, Jim Webb.
  • Miley Cyrus — The American actress and pop singer-songwriter suffered a brief controversy in 2007 when compromising photos of her and a female friend were posted on her MySpace account.
  • Paula Abdul — The former "American Idol" judge has been taped appearing intoxicated numerous times.
  • Tonya Harding — As if the defamed skater didn't have enough to worry about. In 1994, Ms. Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, who was implicated in the attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan, sold a pornographic "Wedding Video" involving Ms. Harding, to a tabloid.
  • Rep. Mark Foley — The congressman resigned in 2006 after the exposure of several sexually suggestive messages he sent to underage boys.
  • Henry Cisneros — The charismatic Hispanic politician found himself in trouble after a former mistress taped 88 phone conversations between them. Cisneros pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about payments he had made to Linda Jones before joining the first Clinton Cabinet in 1993. He was later pardoned by President Clinton.
  • Bulent Didinmez and Ihsan Barutcu — The two top Turkish politicians were forced to resign last month over secretly filmed tapes posted on the Internet that reportedly showed them having extramarital affairs.
  • Chua Soi Lek — In 2008, Malaysia's married health minister made a public admission that he and a friend were the couple seen in a secretly made sex video that was being circulated widely. He was forced to resign.

By John Haydon

Source:, Wikipedia, The Washington Times, Associated Press.


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