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An Islamic group called Sharia4America plans to demonstrate near the White House on Thursday afternoon. They vow, “Muslims will let the tyrant Barack Obama and the American people know that a new constitution beckons the U.S. called the sharia,” referring to Islamic law and core principles. Organizers have yet to apply for a permit with the National Park Service, a required protocol for marches on the Mall, or thereabouts.

“I can confirm that we are not in possession of an application for a permit on Thursday afternoon for any organization that has ‘sharia’ in its event title,” says spokesman Bill Line, who also notes that he received multiple inquiries from news organizations curious about the rally.

“This march on Washington is an affront to the very idea of America and in no way represents the core of American Muslims,” says Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim and the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. “American Muslims need to denounce this rally and to unequivocally state that the movement to bring shariah into government is unconstitutional and unconscionable for liberty-loving Muslims in America.”

Dr. Jasser adds, “The organizers believe that freedom of speech is a one-way street and ultimately that their rally for shariah will not be countered by Muslims or Americans. We stand in support of groups like Move America Forward and the Liberty Alliance, who also will rally on March 3 against shariah and the Islamic state.”


“Through hard work, perseverance, and patriotism, women and men of Irish descent have given their brawn, brains, and blood to make and remake this nation — pulling it westward, pushing it skyward, and moving it forward.”

From President Obama’s official proclamation naming March “Irish-American Heritage Month.”


“While some economists are saying the economy has improved, voters don’t seem to be feeling it. Most disturbing is that half of voters have lost faith that their children will have a better life than they have had,” says pollster John Zogby. “This certainly implies an acceptance of a new norm of high unemployment and limited economic mobility.”

Indeed, a melancholy new Zogby Poll finds that 51 percent of voters do not anticipate the proverbial good life for their children. Only 7 percent are “very confident” their offspring will do better.


Former U.S. Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell has declined ABC’s invitation to appear on “Dancing With the Stars,” shunning the sequins and terpsichorean fame for the literary life.

“I have another challenge before me: To complete a book that tells the story of the 2010 election cycle with the dignity and respect it deserves,” says Ms. O’Donnell, who lost her Delaware Senate race last fall. “This book will serve as a clarion call to my fellow citizen-activists by taking the reader beyond petitions and protests and articulating not just what we should do, but why we must do it.”

Meanwhile, Bristol Palin has opted to reveal all about her many weeks on the prime-time dance drama — and lots more. The 20-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin also is writing a book — titled “Not Afraid of Life” — to be released this summer by Harper Collins, which published her mother’s best-selling “Going Rogue” and “America by Heart.”

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