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Or will we find that we aren’t, in fact, running out of landfill space? (We aren’t. The total area devoted to landfills is about 560,000 acres. In other words, you could fit all the nation’s landfills into one modest-sized county and have room left over.)

Or will we learn that the Chevy Volt - the much-ballyhooed electric car that symbolizes hope for Detroit, was named Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year,” and that President Obama showered with praise and tax incentives - doesn’t make any sense? (It doesn’t, at least not according to Consumer Reports, which concluded that it’s not particularly good as either an electric or a gas vehicle, and costs an arm and a leg.)

A few years ago, Mr. Markey said, “Daylight saving just brings a smile to everybody’s faces.”

If so, that might be the only thing it actually accomplishes.

John Merline was opinion editor of AOL News.