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A sampling of comments about the collapse of negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players.


“It was a deal that offered compromise, and would have ensured the well-being of our players and guaranteed the long-term future for the fans of the great game we all love so much. It was a deal where everyone would prosper.” _ NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, on the league’s offer to the union in a letter to fans.


“I will tell you this. Any business where two partners don’t trust each other, any business where one party says you need to do x, y and z because I told you is a business that is not only not run well, it is a business that can never be as successful as it can be.” _ DeMaurice Smith, head of the NFLPA, which dissolved late Friday afternoon.


“The union left a very good deal on the table including financial disclosure of audited NFL n club profitability not even shared with clubs!”

“I guess D Smith wants to one up my old friend Gene Upshaw.” _ Colts owner Jim Irsay on his Twitter account, referring to the former union chief.


“If someone’s telling you to give money back and they’re not giving you proof that they’re losing money, then it’s hard to say, ‘OK, let’s make a deal’ on the merits of trust …” _ Buffalo Bills safety and NFLPA player representative George Wilson.


“I think I speak for every fan by saying that I am disappointed that it came to this. I hope both parties can find a way to come back to the bargaining table and resolve their differences. As I’ve said before _ and still believe _ transparency and good-faith negotiations should be able to solve this stalemate and avoid imposing collateral damage on innocent Americans whose economic livelihoods depend on professional football.” _ Sen. Jay Rockefeller, Democrat of West Virginia.


“I don’t know who wins. Decertification, I disagree with it. I think there is enough (money) in the game they can split it up and be happy. But evidently they don’t feel that way.” _ Hall of Famer Mike Ditka.

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