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“This is a time for our fans not to be discouraged,” Richardson said. “No anger and friction between the players and the teams. It has been actually a real learning experience for all of us. In due course, we’ll have an agreement.”

Buffalo Bills safety and _ until Friday _ player representative, George Wilson, made a similar appeal for calm.

“Fans, players, everybody needs to take a deep breath and take it one day at a time. The season doesn’t start until September,” he said. “If we get to July, August and September and start losing games, then I can understand people getting emotional. But it’s March. Take a deep breath.”

Yet if there was any doubt that business as usual would be disrupted, it was quickly wiped away in an e-mail the Tennessee Titans sent local reporters late Friday afternoon.

It alerted them that they will not have access to the media workroom or the rest of the building for reporting _ or even the parking lots outside of team headquarters _ with the collective bargaining agreement expiring. The Titans also warned against doing TV live shots on their property.