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DUKE (1) vs. Hampton (16) _ Hampton beat Iowa State as a 15 seed in 2001. The Pirates won’t beat Duke as a 16 seed 10 years later.

MICHIGAN (8) vs. Tennessee (9) _ The early rounds of the NCAA tournament usually are the chance for better coaches to prevail.

ARIZONA (5) vs. Memphis (12) _ The Wildcats are starting to look like the good teams of the program’s recent past. The Tigers aren’t looking much like their recent teams which had plenty of NCAA success under coach John Calipari.

TEXAS (4) vs. Oakland (13) _ This is the vogue upset pick of the early rounds, but the Longhorns should do well away from the Big 12.

MISSOURI (11) vs. Cincinnati (6) _ These two teams are tough to figure, but Mike Anderson has an edge of Mick Cronin in the coaching box.

CONNECTICUT (3) vs. Bucknell (14) _ With the Huskies on a roll, even a scary mid-major with NCAA upsets such as Bucknell won’t have a chance.

TEMPLE (7) vs. Penn State (10) _ There’s no truth to the rumor that this game is being moved to Harrisburg.

SAN DIEGO STATE (2) vs. Northern Colorado (15) _ Only BYU beat San Diego State this season.


DUKE (1) vs. Michigan (8) _ This was some matchup when the Fab Five was at Michigan. They have been gone for 20 years.

TEXAS (4) vs. Arizona (5) _ The Longhorns will have to handle Arizona’s Derrick Williams, and they can.

CONNECTICUT (3) vs. Missouri (11) _ Kemba Walker’s legs should finally be back after nearly a week to rest following his incredible Big East tournament.

SAN DIEGO STATE (2) vs. Temple (7) _ If the Owls hadn’t been hit so hard by injuries in the frontcourt they might have enough to beat the Aztecs.

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